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Youth Support (Ages 10+)

​This is a space for youth to feel they are heard, respected and encouraged for their thoughts and opinions. I offer support navigating feelings of stress, worry, sadness, motivation, anger, parent/teen conflict, and exploring identity.

Parent / Caregiver Support

  • Supporting behaviour challenges

  • Grief/loss (changes in family structure, death of a loved one, moving)

  • Navigating developmental stages

  • Depression/lack of motivation

  • Navigating extra support in the school system

  • Parenting strategies and solutions

Adult Support

  • Anxiety & Overwhelm

  • Grief and loss 

  • Depression and lack of motivation

  • Home or workplace stress

  • Stage of life transitions

  • Relationship challenges

Sandtray Therapy

               “Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”   CARL JUNG

Allison has extensive training in Sandtray Therapy through the International Association of Sandtray Therapy. Sandtray is a powerful therapeutic tool that children and adults use to reveal their inner world and illuminate what words cannot express.


In a safe space, miniature toys and figures are used to create a symbolic “world” in the sand that reflects inner thoughts, feelings and experiences.Through the instinctual wisdom of the nonverbal consciousness, individuals are empowered to discover answers within themselves and ignite their own healing capacity.


  • Helps to empower client to resolve loss and to move forward with their lives

  • Functions as a natural language for children and a common language for use with all ages and cultures

  • Allows clients to share without the use of words

  • Allows participants to creatively express their thoughts and feelings

  • Allows participants to move from feeling afraid and helpless to experiencing activity and healing from within

  • Sandtray is a way to communicate with symbols in a safe environment

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